Finding Romance by Discovering How to Charm Men

When people think of someone that is charming they may imagine the fairy tale prince. The one who rides into the story and steals the heart of the princess so they can live happily ever after. This is a daydream for many single women who want an effortless courtship with the perfect man. Unfortunately, it is a competitive world and women eventually discover that the responsibility is now on them to charm men rather than wait to be charmed. Here are four easy ways to begin that process.

Show Some Attitude

Men respond more favorably to women with cheerful, upbeat and optimistic personalities. It does not mean that a woman has to be unrealistically perky and obnoxiously gleeful but they should try to be more pleasant overall and less morose or negative.

Be a Conversationalist

Be topical, updated and interesting. No one is expected to be an expert about everything but women need to have a reasonable amount of worldly knowledge to make it easy for them to engage in basic conversation in an intelligent manner. It pays to do a little in-depth studying if the man is a political junky, sports fan or has another major interest.

Remember Your Posture

Body language is an unspoken form of communication. A hunched body with folded arms and rounded shoulders speaks volumes about how unhappy and uncomfortable the person seems to be. Instead, remember to pull the shoulders back, stand tall and keep the arms open. Face people when speaking to them and remember some flirty steps like tilting the head, batting eyes and flipping the hair.

Do Something Nice

Volunteer at their favorite charity, pick up their morning coffee or ask them out to dinner. Men like to be pampered a little too and women need to remember that being equal partners means that they will sometimes have to be the one courting the person that interests them.

It is important for women to remember that all men are different. Each will respond to charm tactics differently. It is a good idea for women to learn about body language and to read subtle cues to determine if the main is responding favorably or not to their attempts.